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Gained a bit of weight? Were you told that your thyroid wasn't working "fast enough"?

Gained a bit of weight? Were you told that your thyroid wasn't working "fast enough"? Always feeling cold - hands and feet. Not so sure that taking your temperature will do any good in case you have Wilson'e Sysndrome and then be told by your GP that Wilson's Disease is about copper metabolism and don't be silly, it's in your head! Well, it's in your throat and in your valid perception of yourself. And here follows some ideas and concepts for educational purposes only.

Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Cod Liver Oil: Some Clarifications

Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Cod Liver Oil: Some Clarifications
by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD - excerpts from
"Several visitors to our website have noted inconsistencies in various statements about vitamin A, vitamin D and cod liver oil. These issues revolve around questions of dosage and safety."

Vitamin A Dosage

Blood Sugar Imbalances... and those little nasty pteroharpens

If you’ve had your live blood analysis done, we would have looked at many aspects of your blood and we may have addressed a blood sugar imbalance. The tip-off would have been a specific little shape which I identify as a pteroharpen. Such a unique name for a nasty little character! Identifying this little strange critter in one’s blood is reserved for blood viewed live (immediately, not from lab collected blood that has sat around) and analyzed from the point of view of pleomorphism. It’s a term coined by Dr.

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This analysis is invaluable – very dramatic to see your various cells so large and in detail. I recommend to anyone to take a few hours and get their health details sorted out – whether you are healthy or not – just remove the guess work and save money on buying the wrong supplements. I don’t recommend this to people who don’t want to know details as to “why” and who just want to be told what to do. Merrie is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and if she doesn’t know, she’ll let you know that, too. If you need a specialist, she’ll suggest that, too. This is my idea of health care versus health carelessness... But she’s also clear that you’re in your own driver’s seat.

Leopold Z.

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