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June 2016 newsletter

Hope you've all had good health experiences.
Here are some answers to clients' questions that I’m hoping to respond to in “group” form below:

a) in regards to removing mercury (aka silver) fillings - and the best way to do that:
 12 Points on Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocol
b) daily dental care concepts / truths:
 Pearls of Wisdom for Pearly Whites

A Great Head of Hair - to Have or Not to Have ... and Baldness

Hello Everybody.
I've had so so many questions and suggestions as to what will help to bring about a good head of hair that one wonders why the advice is so divergent. Why can’t there be a simple eat this and do that kind of advice!

Nutrition Tips; Glutathione; Microbes - Contagious? Personal? Friend or Foe?

Hello wonderful people, hope you are ALL really well and getting all that wonderful Vitamin D beofre the sun vanishes...
In the meantime, while you're contemplating… you might want to listen to these amazing talents - some fine music melting our hearts that has gone viral:
autistic young boy:
a gorgeous duo - don't judge a book by it's cover!

See Yourself Up Close: Natural Strong Anti-depressants; Gregg Braden's Energy Medicine's Bladder Tumor Vanishing Video Clip; "Botox" at Home

1. Natural Strong Anti-depressants
2. ChiLel Bladder Tumor video - gone in 2 minutes
3Using B12 to see how a supplement company stacks up.

Hello Everyone,
Hope these articles and bits and pieces hit the spot - happy reading.

See Yourself Up Close! Some Q & A's - grean tea, wrinkles, the right B12, coffee, folic acid, selenium, fluoride in your tea

It's been awhile. Hope you are all well and enjoying this mild autumn weather. Questions and newsletter ideas have mounted up.
If you could ask me one question, what would it be?

Here are a few Q & A’s that I hear quite frequently so maybe they are of interest to you, too. And a few specific questions I promised to answer for a clients.

Distance Healing

Hello everyone - Hope you are all well...
Heading into summer might be a good time to come and a have a Live Blood Analysis Review - most of you have had the original session, so then it will take only about 1 1/2 hours or a bit more if you bring ots of questions :-) $75. And all your challenges and improvements get a thorough look-see and you're good to go!
and a few Thoughts on DISTANCE HEALING and it's Benefits

78 Fool Proof Ways to Improve Your Health

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Careful Anti-Radiation Supplementation

Careful Anti-Radiation Supplementation... (and not whacking the thyroid!)

Gained a bit of weight? Were you told that your thyroid wasn't working "fast enough"?

Gained a bit of weight? Were you told that your thyroid wasn't working "fast enough"? Always feeling cold - hands and feet. Not so sure that taking your temperature will do any good in case you have Wilson'e Sysndrome and then be told by your GP that Wilson's Disease is about copper metabolism and don't be silly, it's in your head! Well, it's in your throat and in your valid perception of yourself. And here follows some ideas and concepts for educational purposes only.

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I was very skeptical before the first session. It was a pleasure to have you take a close look at my “chemistry” and have another follow-up session with you and after following your advice from what you suggested in our 1st session many months ago, I was pleased to see evidence that my basic health is improved and only needs some more tweaking. I am so very grateful for your service, your kind heart, your vast knowledge and wisdom that you freely share.

Carolyn T

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