Live Blood Analysis - nutritional microscopy - red cells, white cells, blood elements and details

a very revealing informative internal selfie ~ live blood analysis details

This type of examination of the very specifically taken 'one drop of live blood' is SO REVEALING!
A few right, small changes can make a large impact.
Save a lot of money on future supplements and therapy purchases and tests. Receive a clear set of “to do’s”.

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SEE where you are doing well.
See what needs improving.
And begin to heal not just the symptoms, but also the actual underlying causes and details.


One-on-One LBA Training

We offer ongoing individual training for live blood analysis students who want to continue to develop their skills, or perhaps, if feeling a little rusty, would like to refresh their knowledge of nutrition, understanding LBA or how to integrate nutritional microscopy more fully into their existing practice.. At the moment this can be done in-person at the Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC office. 
This service is offered in multiples of 1/2 days and full days depending on the amount of time and depth required. 




A) functional physiology and nutritional knowledge

B) the blood analysis - live and peripheral (with darkfield, brightfield and phase contrast lenses

C) the underlying and controlling psyche, brain, body connections

Each level will take two consequetive weekends.

The Basic level is packed with useful information for health practitioners who may not have committed to purchasing a microscope as yet. The ADVANCED level is organised in such a way that people with a microscope and who have had some practice with it, will experience the most benefits.

(This is not about matching pictures to diseases or supplements and sales)

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Merrie Bakker B.Sc, M.Arch, NHP

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Monday - Saturday: flexible hours
Cancellations: we request 48 hour notice by phone prior to your scheduled appointment.

The initial session is very thorough and takes about 3 hours (occasionally more) depending on your health challenges, questions and knowledge - $150
Follow up sessions are quicker - $75
We also offer Gift Certificates - please see below (fees subject to PST)
We accept cheques, cash and all credit cards (through the PayPal system).


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Live Blood Analysis and Ozone therapy:
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I’ve been a fitness coach and health fanatic all my life. Not feeling well for a prolonged period of time had me baffled as my lifestyle is strict and I only eat organic and wholesome foods. I follow a very healthy regimen and eat according to my blood type.
Seeing my blood on screen and 9000X enlarged really took me aback. We were able to pinpoint my problems.
I realize more than ever now that health guidelines are fine for general suggestions, but that every”body” has different requirements and personalized needs. Ms. Bakker conveys information in a straightforward manner – nothing mysterious, complicated or highbrow.

Frances L.

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