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NO needles
NO anti-coagulants
NO supplement SALES here

and NO EFFORT REQUIRED on your part ~ essential repair for BASIC HEALTH and HEALING

Some detoxifying therapies are intrusive and some are effective and gentle.
These hyperthermic steam sauna ozone / oxygen detox sessions are certainly supportive of your health and NOT invasive. Healing Ozone / Oxygen Therapy does more good for more conditions than any other single therapy. 

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Ozone therapy has not fixed everything... but almost! and in some people it takes more time for effectiveness than for others. Some clients with colds, flus, torn ligaments, depression, bronchial challenges, lung diseases, skin issues, intestinal inflammation, detoxing from chemo therapy and accummulated heavy metals, reduced proper blood circulation, Lyme disease and co-infections and so many more challenging conditions.

The oxygen / ozone sauna sessions that we offer at Pacific Holistic in Vancouver, BC, are VERY effective, relaxing and safe. This allows you to experience the full body-transdermal effects of both the steam heat opening pores for detoxification and the entry of ozone - simultaneously - in a non-invasive and relaxing manner. (AND no unhealthy penetrating infrared rays!)
At the same time several hundred calories are used up in each session.

Are you a frequent flyer breathing recycled air and nickel particles? Are you a plumber, blacksmith or dentist, dental technician, tool and dye shop worker or been around a lot of minute suspended metal particles in poorly ventilated air - in the work space? Do you work in an environment with compromised air - car repair shops, welding business, mining and construction work?

How Do Ozone / Oxygen Sessions Work?

Have you ever wondered why steam saunas have been used for thousands of years and ozone / oxygen steam saunas in the past six decades by virtually ALL European clinics? And have you noticed that ozone / oxygen therapies are embraced in many countries where the pharmaceutical system has not made such deep inroads and where every dollar counts, such as Russia and Cuba?

  • dramatically increases oxygenation of the body's tissues - at the cellular level
  • increases and stimulates the white blood cells and interleukin production
  • increases circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery within the body
  • burns about 200 - 300 calories per session!
  • increases tumour necrosis factor and interferon by up to 500 times
  • purges the body of accumulated toxins such as pesticides, unwanted heavy metals, PCBs, drug residues, acidic wastes and much more
  • stimulates all components of the immune system
  • kills unwanted pathogens, bacteria (both aerobic and anaerobic), yeast, candida and fungi
  • relaxes and loosens sore muscles (and removes extra lactic acid)
  • increases the efficiency of the anti-oxidant and enzyme systems


An interview with Dr. Frank Shallenberger at the International Meeting of Ozone Therapy Schools in 2010 in Madrid at https://youtu.be/8VbtyGdW_Nk

A simple description by Rick Buck at https://youtu.be/8Qyb096coLU                                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The oxygen / ozone / steam sauna session lasts about 30 to 40 minutes. You sit comfortably in a clean steam sauna which is detoxifying in itself. During these sessions your pores open from the steam heat and your capillaries are close to your skin's surface to help cool you - much like on a hot day at the beach. Ozone and oxygen, which surrounds you in the steam cabinet, enters your body transdermally through your pores. Medical grade oxygen is used to create a constant continuous high concentration of oxygen / ozone that bathes your entire body and enters through the opened pores

Once it penetrates your skin, it enters into your corium skin, blood capillaries, arteries and veins as well as lymph vessels and nodes and fat tissues - swiftly and easily. This is pro-oxidative by its very nature. Your head is not in the steam sauna (a soft towel around your neck provides a soft seal) and your breathing and lungs are not involved in this therapy. (NEVER breathe in full-on ozone.)

The sweating process (our skin is the largest organ of elimination) assists in expelling toxins and gives the normal toxin pathways to the liver, intestines and lungs a bit of a break. Sweat contains more toxins than urine! That's why skin is sometimes called the 3rd kidney. 

A successful session below: 
heavy metals detoxing  - steam sauna and ozone







prepaid sessions are valid for one year - we accept cheques, cash, e-transfer and credit cards thru the Paypal system.

Merrie Bakker B.Sc, M.Arch, NHP, in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, Canada

604-261-7742 - phone, text and info@pacificholistic.com

We do not sell ANY supplements or MLM products.
Ozone / oxygen sessions are not a replacement for serious health diagnostics and medical care.

Monday - Saturday: flexible hours
Cancellations: we request 48 hour notice by phone prior to your scheduled appointment. Thank you for respecting this policy.


  • destroys harmful bacteria and virus', hepatitis, candidiasis (yeast overgrowth), parasitic infections, mycotoxicosis, etc.

  • stimulates the immune system (rheumatoid arthritis) rather than suppresses

  • improves blood circulation to the capillaries / decreases viscosity / separates the red blood cells / supports peripheral vascular diseases, arrhythmia

  • can improve lung function / improves the ability of red blood cells to pass on oxygen to other tissue / emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis etc.

  • promotes anti-aging / rejuvenation by increasing oxygen delivery to cells, tissue and organs

  • decreases inflammation

  • reduces pain, relaxes tired muscles / fibromyalgia,

  • relieves stress and "burnout" - nerves are calmed

  • speeds up the metabolic process (Improves circulation and nutrient delivery within the body) and results in a loss of 200 - 250 calories per session)

  • reverses hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in the tissues - gangrene, diabetic infections, AIDS/HIV, etc.

  • detoxifies - reduces environmental toxin load and is esp. helpful with environmental hypersensitivity


  • increases tissue oxygenation

  • increases production of ATP, (the energy used by an organism in its daily operations) - more energy and faster recovery - acceleration of wound healing and recovery from overuse and stress,

  • delays the onset of anaerobic fermentation at the cellular level

  • oxidizes lactic acid and prevents buildup, helps prevent sore muscles

  • reduces swelling, bruising and pain from injuries and super-speeds healing

  • prevents and builds up immunity  stress, and musculo-tendinous strain

  • increases hormone production to balanced, optimum levels

detoxing ozone / oxygen steam sauna sessions

Q & A's
great questions my clients have asked:

I’ve accumulated all of this year’s ozone / oxygen questions from my clients and some may be useful to scan through for you, too.
The most often asked is this first one – and has the longest answer.
If you have one I have not covered, feel free to shoot me an email or a text at 604-261-7742 and I’ll try my best.

Does ozone kill good bacteria?
You bet it does – good and bad – all bacteria. However, that’s such an umbrella type question. As you may already have gathered if you are a steady PH newsletter reader or client of mine, then I have grand respect for our trillions of bacteria. I also feel they are massively misunderstood by the

....continued at http://www.pacificholistic.com/Q&A

detoxing ozone / oxygen steam sauna sessions

Four Eye-openers:

See the Vancouver made 1994 award-winning documentary that got me hooked 23 years ago! It’s a classic called “Ozone and the Politics of Medicine” - https://youtu.be/H3Q7t3XN7X8 (revised in 2004) by Geoff Rogers (Dr Roger Rogers' son).

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Robert Rowen about Ozone Therapy and the EBOLA Outbreak.
"Many have asked for a concise summary of the wonderful physiological effects of ozone therapy, especially considering the medical mission I undertook with Dr. Howard Robins of Manhattan to Sierra Leone to cure Ebola. I will endeavour on this page to tell you why I instigated the trip and commandeered Dr. Robins to come with me. Please know that this information is merely informative. It is not to make a claim that ozone or any particular therapy might cure any condition, but to discuss the known physiology of ozone therapy, and how that physiology might apply to viruses. 

"In October 2014, I traveled to Sierra Leone with my colleague Howard Robins to train local health professionals to treat Ebola with ozone therapy. Training went great. We hit a snag. While at the Sierra Leone Ebola treatment center outside the capital, a call came in from the Ministry of Health halting the ozone project. Patients were forbidden to receive ozone, and the staff as well. The staff did continue with our training fearing for their lives otherwise. Patients were denied and left to die.The next page on this site provides you with the published results of our mission.

"Ebola, as you know, is a virus. It incubates for 2-21 or so days and then roars to life to induce death. Ebola first tricks the immune system into thinking nothing is there... article continues by one of my ozone heroes, Dr Robert Rowen at http://www.docrowen.com/ozone-therapy.html  

WHY should you use OZONE (O3) and the cute accent is extra!
an Ode to Tesla - Ozone therapy !!!

detoxing ozone / oxygen steam sauna sessions



There are many folks who quote Otto Warburg in regards to his brilliant work around the survival mechanisms of cancer cells. They claim that cancer cells have an anaerobic internal environment which require fermentation and sugars to survive as opposed to a healthy cell which needs oxygenation.

So let’s look at the myths… he ‘only’ received one Nobel prize - for the discovery of an enzyme which he called iron oxidase. Brilliant work!
There was NO Nobel prize for treating cancer by flooding malignant cells with oxygen. He was brilliant, but never produced research showing that cancer cells cannot live in an oxygenated environment – Pinocchio made that one up and many others ran with it.... If, after all, it were that easy, we’d just go scuba-diving or sit in a hyperbaric chamber to resolve cancer challenges (neither work for cancer - just for some of the associated symptoms).

this article continues at http://www.pacificholistic.com/Otto_Warburg


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We do not sell ANY supplements or MLM products.


Adult Onset Diabetes - using ozone / oxygen therapy for healing diabetic foot and leg ulceration - steam sauna and bagging - initiates VERY EFFECTIVE

ozone / oxygen sessions in Vancouver BC


Un-intrusive ozone / oxygen sessions can produce remarkable improvements in our blood circulation - allowing both the major and secondary symptoms of adult-onset diabetes to improve. The blood circulation of many diabetics is sluggish and compromised - actual blood flow to vital organs and tissues can be quite diminished.

This can cause challenges ranging from poor digestion all the way to under-oxygenated blood to our head and extremities - feet and hands.
The blood flow that does reach the feet can be quite de-oxygenated. This sluggish oxygen-depleted blood cannot help heal the sores and infections that occur and some folks resort to anti-biotics which over time cannot do the job (and reducing further the possibility of healing which explains why diabetics’ ulcerations can even lead to gangrene and amputation and why other health issues become more difficult to manage or become exacerbated at the same time). 
OZONE / OXYGEN kills all damaged, infected and unhealthy cells and unwanted pathogens, fungus, gangrene, etc while supporting the healthy cells to be their best. Ozone has a very strong anti-bacterial action even at low doses. The gentle heat / steam saunas and limb bagging are both spot-on therapies.

Oxygen is important for all cell metabolisms, ATP (energy) production and is critical for deep healing processes. Oxygen prevents wounds from getting further infected, induces angiogenesis, differentiation, migration and proliferation of cells, as well as collagen synthesis and promotes wound contraction.

Many years ago, research has shown that a key molecule - 2,3-diphosphoglycerate - is in reduced supply in a diabetic. When more ozone / oxygen is introduced into the blood, then more 2,3-diphosphoglycerate is produced and the efficiency of the oxygen-delivery system of the blood circulation improves. Simultaneously macrophages (specific white blood cells - esp neutrophils) become more empowered, efficient and active - it improves their work ethic! The ozone also appears to enhance the activity of cellular metabolism, the continual conversion of energy in the mitochondria. The ozone / oxygen sessions oxygenate the organs, tissues and physical functions - gets the whole body processes running better. Steam saunas and limb bagging - both spot-on therapies. 

Unhappy under-oxygenated cells have lower levels of enzyme activity, are less stable and just don’t carry out their jobs very well. The critters that O2 removes and destroys, thrive on an oxygen-limited environment – just what you don’t want!

I’ve seen diabetic sores on legs and toes disappear after two sessions!  None of us have the same reactions and result, of course. The oxygen / ozone does more than just deal with the festering, incurable sores. The tiny unhappy capillaries around these areas that hamper the blood supply from moving smoothly and properly in the affected areas - removing toxins and debris and delivering nutrients - all enhanced and leading to enhanced healing. The surprise was that in two instances it only took two average sessions to reverse several years of severe damage! 
Ozone / oxygen therapy is very safe - safer than any other therapy I know of.

picture of red blood cells, above, that are clumped together and unfunctional  - become separated and able to re-start proper blood flow and functioning


regular rates: 
One session: $80
Five prepaid sessions: $350
Ten prepaid sessions: $600

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Merrie Bakker B.Sc, M.Arch, NHP, in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, Canada
604-261-7742 - phone, text and info@pacificholistic.com
We do not sell ANY supplements or MLM products.
Ozone / oxygen sessions are not a replacement for serious health diagnostics and medical care.

These paragraphs are for educational purposes and not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment and advice of a qualified licensed medical professional.
Ozone / oxygen treatments are widely available in other countries and are completely legal there. For example, in every German holistic clinic, doctors prepare their patients with ozone / oxygen sessions long before chemo and radiation is introduced and continue using it to reduce the toxic side effects of conventional therapies.

an entire book on this -  a research overview:


Efficacy of ozone on microorganisms in dentistry

from PubMed Abstract
"... to examine the effect of ozone gas on the remaining bacteria after chemomechanical instrumentation of 37 tooth root canals... at the Department of Endodontics and Restorative dentistry, School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb... and a significant decrease in the number of bacteria (p < 0.001) was found after the ozone treatment: the total number of bacteria was 82%, 67% of aerobic and 93% of anaerobic bacteria. When analyzing individually, a significant decrease was found for Streptococcus mitis and Propionibacterium acnes (p < 0.05). The results of this study shows the efficacy of ozone on the bacterial count reduction in the root canal treatment. This 2013 tudy was by Halbauer K1, Prskalo K, Janković B, Tarle Z, Pandurić V, Kalenić S. Details at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23697257

detoxing ozone / oxygen steam sauna sessions

a few Comments by Ed McCabe - the Father of the Public Awareness of Oxygen/Ozone Therapies

a solid researcher, writer and one of the original tireless crusaders and long-time advocates of oxygen / ozone therapies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJWhUx8hcOk - from 38:00 minutes into it to 39:55.

More good reading on oxygen / ozone therapies by Ed McCabe at http://www.oxygenhealth.com

detoxing ozone / oxygen steam sauna sessions

If It Is So Great, Why Isn't Everybody Using It?

If a mainstream therapy has a lot of side effects and targets predominately symptoms, why would it still be used and prescribed as is often the case?

The answer has to do with the "business" of medicine rather than the actual practice of it. The flip side of this answer is: any alternative therapy would be mainstream if it were more profitable than the therapy it replaces.

It is not physicians who decide what is allowable and what isn't. It is the pharmaceutical complex and their companies and other members of the medical industry / establishment / government institutions that make these decisions. In other words the bottom line is always best served with therapies and meds that treat symptoms expensively and nor those that cure the root cause.

Another reason is that any treatment, to be accepted as mainstream, requires expensive (upwards of 2 million dollars) FDA mandatory testing - double blind cross-over and published in mainstream journals supported by big pharma dollars.

Treatments and therapies that are not looking to be exceedingly profitable will not be able to generate this amount of needed research funding and never leave the starting gate.

Efficacy is important in our health/disease care system, but not as important as profits.

What could be more profitable than a therapy / treatment that eases symptoms while at the same time not curing the the problem?

Ozone / oxygen therapies will always remain alternative rather than become mainstream and acceptable, as long as the present profit paradigm in health care prevails - repulsive as this may be to both physicians and all of the rest of us needing attention. Thinking outside of the crammed and limited profit box is only seen sporadically, silently and stealthfully.

detoxing ozone / oxygen steam sauna sessions

Why Does Ozone Have A Bad Reputation For Health?

ozone / oxygen therapy

Unfortunately about the only time that any of us hear about ozone in the news is in the context of pollution.
It is even perceived, utterly incorrectly, as being part of, or even a major ingredient in pollution (even by some 'scientists'!).
When we began creating pollution - hydrocarbons (known as peroxides) - with the invention of combustion engines and factories, ozone in the higher stratospheres, began to react with pollution's molecular double bonds. Atmospheric nitrogen is also involved (air is 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen, ideally) and nitrates also became involved in this air-borne pollution.

Scientists in this past century had to find a way to measure the amount of smog in the air. They picked on ozone, not because it was evil or the most irritating or the main constituent. It was because it closely correlates with the amount of pollution present in the air; and because it is easy and inexpensive to measure; and because measuring any of the other main constituents of smog is very expensive and complex.
So high ozone levels ONLY means high peroxide, hydrocarbons and nitrate levels - which cause substantial respiratory injury.

One reason that scientists are quick to jump on the 'ozone-is-equal-to-bad-stuff' bandwagon, is that no one corrects the pundits - when one looks up ozone at Medline, almost all references are about the toxic effects on pulmonary tissues - a very narrow application at best - and never practiced by ANY ozone / oxygen practitioner. The pollution around us is the cultrit - NOT one in a thousand negligent ozone/oxygen practitioners.
An exception is a study out of Tulane University where a physician had used ozonated water to bath the peritoneal cavity before closing the wound - bacterio-static use - with amazing success at decreasing the incidence of infection after surgery.
(And who picked up on this miracle? NO ONE!)

and lots more at http://www.aaot.us

detoxing ozone / oxygen steam sauna sessions

Just How Does It Work In Our Bodies?

When we are seriously ill; when our pH is seriously out of kilter; when we are receiving harsh chemical therapies; when we are over-the-top stressed; or when we are recouping from the side-effects of anti-biotics, etc., the transport of oxygen (to all of our cells) becomes less efficient and sometimes compromised. Then the massive amount of normal complex reactions, ongoing at all times to keep us functioning, are also affected, compromised or diminished.

Knowing the exact biochemical and physiological mechanisms behind this therapy is important and known to a great extent and yet more research is required. This will also shed more light on the complete mechanisms of how oxygen itself is metabolized in the body while all is well and working perfectly (something we also do not know definitively).
Oxygen has been used for one full century to promote health and healing - mainly in Europe, Russia and Cube.

Oxygen / ozone has always been part of some very useful and effective therapies - please see the amazing compilations below by Ed McCabe and Dr. Frank Shallenberger - researchers and authors of many articles, books, videos and practitioner courses.

detoxing ozone / oxygen steam sauna sessions


"PEOPLE WITH DISEASES / CHALLENGES, almost always characterized by chronic oxidant stress, are universally observed to improve when ozone therapy is properly administered." (Dr. Frank Shallenberger)

The most common question for those who understand a bit about the body is "how can one reverse oxidative stress by using oxidant material?"
In a small enough dose, which is what is provided in a steam sauna trans-dermal setting, oxygen / ozone acts to stimulate the anti-oxidant systems that act to decrease the oxidant stress associated with so many health challenges. The notion that excessive oxidant production leads to disease and dysfunction makes no sense, as there is nothing as biologically important as an adequate supply of oxidants.

"Contrary to the dogma that the super-oxide anion and hydrogen peroxide formation are very highly deleterious to cell function and healthy aging, we suggest this premise is flawed... The latter two play an intrinsic role in the regulated turnover of proteins, rather than randomly causing damage and inactivation." 

Anti-oxidant stress is caused by a lack of adequate anti-oxidant buffering capability, so stimulating an increased synthesis of anti-oxidant buffering enzymes is what subtle oxygen / ozone therapy also does.

People with Diabetes really appreciate the sessions:
External oxygen / ozone "bagging" of legs is gentle and highly effective. A special bag is wrapped around the affected limb(s) and oxygen / ozone flows into the bag and constantly keeps the limb bathed in it and surrounded - this is highly effective in treating leg and toe ulcers, persistent sores, lesions, and diabetic related infections, etc.
The results can be rapid. Surgery and amputation for diabetic related infected toes reversed. Many happy feet are still with us because of this simple form of oxygen / ozone infusion.

See More at the wonders of proper ozone / oxygen therapy:
Dr. Robyn Benson: Healing with Oxygen & Hydration


When you sign up for our newsletter and become a Pacific Holistic client, you will automatically receive 30% OFF the rates below and be alerted to other price discounts - just send us an email with 'newsletter' in the subject.

regular rates: 
One session: $80
Five prepaid sessions: $350
Ten prepaid sessions: $600

When you sign up for our newsletter you will automatically receive 30% OFF the above rates and be alerted to other price discounts - just send us an email with 'newsletter' in the subject.

Merrie Bakker B.Sc, M.Arch, NHP, in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, Canada
604-261-7742 - phone, text and info@pacificholistic.com
We do not sell ANY supplements or MLM products.
Ozone / oxygen sessions are not a replacement for serious health diagnostics and medical care.

Monday - Saturday: flexible hours
Cancellations: we request 48 hour notice by phone prior to your scheduled appointment. Thank you for respecting this policy.

prepaid sessions are valid for one year - we accept cheques, cash, e-transfer and credit cards thru the Paypal system.

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Buyer Beware:
There are many methods of detoxification.
Some methods, called chelation, are with the use of IV-applied chemicals such as EDTA, DMPS and DMSA - very good if your health is very seriously compromised and a fast and serious intervention is a matter of life or death. These are usually done at a naturopath's office and occasionally by a very progressive GP or physician.
HOWEVER, one should DEFINITELY have all metal dental fillings removed first (esp mercury fillings) before embarking on such a serious and intrusive therapy such as these chemical chelations.
Chelation is an extreme pathway to wellness and requires simultaneous, cautious re-mineralization or it could lead to more problems - so buyer beware.

This precaution is not necessary with Steam Sauna Oxygen / Ozone therapy. Your head is not part of the steam / ozone / oxygen method. No ozone is breathed in and this adds to the safety.


What is the oxygen in my body doing?

Paul Andersen details the processes of cellular respiration - photosynthesis and respiration - free energy capture and storage - oxygen / water / NADPH. Heterotrophs such as humans, use cellular respiration to convert this sugar into ATP - our energy cycles. https://youtu.be/0IJMRsTcwcg


OZONE / OXYGEN THERAPY is not a drug nor a magic bullet. It is a simple, elegant, non-toxic and therapeutic tool of great subtle power which can aid the body in regaining health in regards to most challenges and diseases - a smart part of a comprehensive, individualized approach in conjunction with other synergistic modalities or as health maintenance and prevention on it's own.


Merrie Bakker at Pacific Holistic in Vancouver BC

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"I got to keep my toes! I’ve been a diabetic for decades and although I have always taken my medications, my big right toe had became infected and all the anti-biotics didn’t work - for some two plus years. I was slated for an operation. But my stubborn daughter had me do a few sessions of ozone / oxygen - not my whole body but just my legs and feet - and just to humour her, I went along with it and I am so glad I did. The improvement was instantly noticeable and by the time I was to go for the amputation, my toe had heeled - much to the awe of my doctor who thought it had to be a delayed effect of the anti-biotics (he doesn’t do miracles!... )
Don Mitchell

"I have diabetes. I cannot walk more than across my apartment and always with pain. I hate going out with my walker. Each oxygen session with Merrie now leaves me pain free for about three days and allows me to walk several blocks without help - I can now make it to the local coffee shop without shuffling like an old man. 
Victorio S.



Merrie explains why she makes each recommendation and why certain foods or supplements are recommended or not. No blind faith required. She is an uncommonly honest writer, too.
This is empowering for me. You are not “talked at”, either.
She also has a sense of humor and the time flies by.

Jill L.

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