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Hello Everybody,
Summer with a vengeance!

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1. Live Blood Analysis – a gentle reminder - 20% discount for seniors (over 65) and juniors (under 20) for the first visit. Just for a short while, the LBA Review for existing clients, is now 50% discounted – only $37.50

2. upcoming classes and workshops – Reiki, reflexology and EFT - below

3. continued from last week (which was about where your supplements actually came from) and this week is about what your supplements are made from – just starting with one this week – got a little bogged down - fish oil - O3!

4. DETOXIFICATION – gentle and relaxing - with Ozone/Oxygen Sessions – 30% OFF – just till July 3rd – and how it works

5. making your personal Clearing, Healing and Protection spray

If you’ve had a blood analysis with me before, then now's a good time to have an update - half the time required of the original session - about 1 1/2 hour - and NOW HALF PRICE! 50% off - ONLY $37.50.
(Even if it was a year or more ago - do come by and we’ll see how things have improved!)
Is In-Depth Live Blood Analysis - your first visit? This is very seriously in-depth - all details are pulled together - takes about 3 hours to connect all the dots - $150 - for more details.
This is not your health food store quickie where supplement sales are connected to what I see. I do not sell ANY supplements but advise you as to what you may need and where you can purchase the very best of these.

Reiki Wednesdays - one hour – only $30 – 9am til 8pm - - July 5, 12, 19
Weekend certification class – July 8, 9 -
Reiki Level One - July 15, 16 -
Reiki Level Two – July 22, 23 -
Reiki Master Level – 2 weekends – starting in July
EFT (emotional freedom technique) group BENEFIT EVENING SESSIONS and an easy Introduction: first Thursday evening of each month - $30 – July 6 - 7pm to 10-ish.
Merrie Bakker, 604-261-7742,

Last week I wrote about where most of our supplements come from – mostly manufactured in a few very specific places – and then whole-saled to many companies. Sometimes, with value added for uniqueness, they are marketed to us in an array of differing ways, with differing claims and widely varying prices. The odd company makes most of it’s own supplements and the majority gather their product from a limited set of sources, internationally.

This week I was to write about just what they are made of.. What was I thinking? I got stuck on Omega 3 oils and all of it’s details... So obviously more to follow...

Omega3 fish oils – generally from fish and crustaceans and what to substitute instead of using a supplement.

Ahhh! My favorite food... fish... I used to say.
Then in recent years I backed off and ate only fish or seafood that was wild and rarely in a restaurant... and now I pass altogether... It’s taken me a while to pull my head out of the sand because I so love salmon, mackerel, mussels and oysters... I grew up on raw herring – many happy memories with my Dad. But alas... So sad.
About 3/4 of male fish caught, these days, are developing some forms of female sexual organs including having premature eggs in their bodies – abnormalities not seen in the past. Labs have found a protein in the blood of male fish that used to only be found in spawning female fish... Is the female-ization of fish due to the toxic stew they are now living in? We know that water now contains trace amounts of anti-depressants, birth control, viagra, all sorts of hormones, anti-biotics... all of our collective pee-ed out meds, etc. It’s all you need - trace amounts - to have a subtle but cumulative effect.
We are all on these meds – simply by drinking some tap water and by eating fish – small amounts, but these residues are in their bodies and ours... Even for those of us who are lucky and receiving city water from mountainous reservoirs, our flushed water goes out to sea. The sea evaporates it’s water and the humid air rises and incoming humidity in the air rises against the mountains and drops it’s contents and my neighbor’s steroids end up raining on the well water intake area of my girlfriend in Hinton!

Non-farmed-fish have other, well-reported abnormalities, as well as lesions and other toxicities on board. (We don’t even want to talk about the farmed stuff – not the farms’ in pacts). So it’s no longer about which sources to avoid and to purchase fish oils and fish from here and there and not from farmed fish ponds in general.
The dilemma is across the world... Fish in rivers and streams - wild and farmed – and especially near to areas where the penned pigs, caged chickens and captive cows are “grown” and also where there is an insane amount of concentrated industrialization - bunched together in toxic plants such as in Ontario’s Lake Erie area.
This intra-sexualization found in fish is recent.

These filthy polluted compromised waters especially, but all waters in general, all offer up a host of toxins and now also our endocrine disruptors from meds. The whole works is being returned to us... in a subtle form... via airmail and now also via our fish and fish oil supplements.
Reproductive problems such as sperm count are suspected to be linked to this, too. The jury is certainly out (conveniently) on the secondary links to these nasty and growing problems that all reflect back to contamination.
Arctic animals that eat fish have very high levels of mercury AND toxins AND female-ization. So years ago, krill oil and high arctic fish oil seemed exempt enough from this pollution to get us excited that we still had another good source of O3... but not these days.

I used to think that checking the Arctic for our pollution levels, was a bit fishy. But it’s where we can double check the extent of our polluting deeds. Some toxins are lifted into the air and come back down again, going through some scrubbing by nature and dropped back down in different places and these toxins can be “harvested” for very insightful research!

We eat fish for the highly beneficial Omega 3’s – one of the essential fats.
Fish consume algae and this is the food that contains the O3 that make fish high in O3 and beneficial to us. The ALA (alpha linoleic acid) then can convert into DHA and EPA by our body as it needs it. Our body figures it out (nothing for us to add). And we know it’s a very important oil, esp. for the nervous system, inflammation abatement, hormone balancing, good skin, nails and hair, all tissue (such as heart and arteries) and so forth.
So, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, ground flax seeds, almonds and walnuts and organic Omega 3 eggs to the rescue, as an example.
I always go to to check things out – please don’t take my word for this blindly.

A further heads-up!
Lipid peroxidation.

Once oil is squeezed from it’s source, be it a seed, nut, fish, vegetable, it becomes unstable and goes rancid – quickly - some oils sooner and some later.
As soon as oil is squeezed from a fish (even a little krill) stabilizers such as Vitamin E, and sometimes chemicals and/or anti-oxidants are added to keep that oil from spoiling. For example, the very moment flax is squeezed out from the seed, the oil begins to break down. In a very light and temperature controlled processing environment, this breakdown may be slowed down, but even if it is smartly and swiftly bottled with nitrogen, it will have begun to start to commence to become rancid and by the time you take it off the shelf in the store, it would not be edible. Stabilizers stop this problem, so that there is a shelf life. This is just an example.

Fish oil does not like being exposed to oxygen either. So, smart processing and packaging would have it that it is preserved and then put into a gel cap so that you cannot smell it but sometimes the taste comes back... Like fish gone bad!
If you have some in the fridge, humor me and open the gel capsule, and if it smells putrid, then give the remainder to someone you really don’t like.

There’s a lot of sly marketing that we don’t readily observe. A lot of health magazines thrive or survive on claims, anecdotes and stories. Reader beware!

“An enormous amount of poorly conducted studies in the research journals have conclusions that cannot be relied on and are misleading physicians and researchers worldwide...” By Prof Brian Peskin on Why Fish Oils Fail: a 21st Century lipids based physiologic analysis
Studies prior to 2007 cannot be relied on to be factual or correct or non-advertorial!
Fish oil supplement failures are downplayed and successes are highlighted. (Claims that include that inflammation may cause cancer and therefore fish oils will prevent this are the worst offenders in my humble opinion).
OR when you read ANY ‘true’ research that lays out claims that something such as rancid O3 causes increased cancer or miscarriages, just know that your being fooled in the other direction, too...
And, as a benefit of the doubt, it may have been legitimate only for the research done on rats or maybe so stacked so that you’ll conclude that it makes more sense to either buy more seafood (the fish lobby) or to not buy sea-food (the what-ever lobby). However, nutritional benefits of eating fish and fish oils is so hyped that it can soon take a back seat to the old margarine hype or the unfermented soy ‘research’ claims.

Then, as we already know, there’s the additional mercury methylation problem. Mercury is a highly toxic metal that damages our nervous system and we are exposed to it already at conception in the womb – parts per billions - as it permeates thru the placenta and into the fetus.
It’s in mother’s milk and cow’s milk, too.
We don’t know if mercury methylation also adds another dynamic to the peroxidation of the oils or our fats in our body – more research is needed but there’s really no money in it – unless it can result in a pill. (We DO know, from the alternative dentistry world, that mercury in teeth fillings is affected by B12 shots and contributes to higher methylation levels and nervous system irritation/damage – can you imagine the damage of these shots when you have MS and a mouth full of mercury fillings and no one checked!)

You certainly cannot expect your GP to sit and spend an entire weekend and get to the bottom of one nutrient when he can just make do with some report he’s been handed by his ‘union’, the medical association (which is strongly and constantly lobbied), tells him or her to go by or believe.
Bon Appetit.

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DETOXIFICATION – yes, it’s gentle and relaxing – but also a healing boost and an essential force of life - with  Ozone/Oxygen Sessions! How it works and how you benefit.
Ozone is oxygen on steroids.
Oxygen is O2. Ozone is O3.
Over a period of about 20 minutes, ozone breaks down from three O3’s to 2 O2’s and both surround you in a continuous stream coming into the steam sauna and are a part of this simple, healthy, detoxification method – see the details at
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O2/O3 increases oxygen at the cellular level - all in your tissue, blood and lymph.
Introducing new O’s is pro-oxidative AND nourishes healthy cells.
Your red blood cells need a certain oxygen level to be functional and perform the thousands of essential requirements. Sufficient oxygen is also an integral part of maintaining optimal pH in your blood to ensure the right zeta potential and allowing your red cells to not all be stuck together. This is the prime help the O2 delivers to your blood supply.
Separately, all your tissue - through your skin - is helped by promoting the sweating out of toxins. These are easily sweated out as your pores are wide open from the heat.
Your capillaries are near the surface to naturally help you cool and at the same time can pick up oxygenation more readily.
Oxygen, in the process, destroys unwanted fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites and all other harmful microbials that are not certainly not part of any healing process.
Unhappy under-oxygenated cells have lower levels of enzyme activity, are less stable and just don’t carry out their jobs very well or not at all. The critters that O2 and O3 remove and destroy, thrive on an oxygen-limited environment and this then becomes a limiting environment.
Your heart has to pump a little harder - so this method of detox is not so good for someone who has had a massive heart attack or a very weak heart.
This little workout that you would be unaware of is good for about 200 calories (and we discount those exaggerations of 600 calories on the internet).
Along with water, Oxygen is nature’s most important nutrient and an element that has been used for medicinal purposes for a century in Europe. One thing that research chemists, some medical doctors, most naturopaths and nutritionists in north America can agree upon is that oxygen plays a most important role in sustaining and restoring health.
It is a simple truth that is often overlooked or forgotten - when oxygen levels in  the blood drop, illness potential rises. And, conversely, if you can raise the oxygen content in your blood, you'll feel more energized and healing can take place more strongly. Just because the air we breathe contains oxygen, does not mean that we can carry that most important ingredient of life to all of our cells.
In fact, our bodies do not get enough oxygen from the air we breathe and oxygen restriction is a real concern in our polluted, urban environments.
Ozone therapy is very safe - - safer than any other therapy I know of.
In Europe ozone/oxygen therapy is a given. A study involving 1,044 ozone therapists and 3,84,775 patients, noted side-effects were at .000005 per application - and much of that was caused by error in operation (such as staying in the ozonation sauna too long).
Disagreement, accusations and counter-accusations abound within the world of regulators and orthodox medicine in North America - and this is insane - it can do NO harm - and the arguing can.
The most gentle way to detoxify and re-oxygenate is by having these ozone steam saunas. The sauna allows you to sit comfortably while steam envelopes your body and leaves your head at room temperature outside of it. The ozone generator silently converts and pumps medical grade oxygen and ozone into the sauna unit which joins with the steam that you sit in. Mother nature and your patience does the rest.
I’ve seen huge diabetic open sores on legs and toes disappear after two ozone/oxygen sessions, even though these folks had been on anti-biotics for 2 years and slated for amputation! Pain lessened! Walking improved!
The oxygen/ozone does more than just dealing with the festering incurable sores these folks had. The unhappy capillaries that hampered the blood supply from moving properly in the affected areas and the blood supply in general in the surrounding compromised tissues were all enhanced, leading to speedier healing. The surprise was that in two instances it only took two sessions to reverse long-standing damage and cancel operations!
A diabetic friend with compromised walking was only able to walk for two blocks at a time, with pain and difficulty and was basically house-bound. After each ozonation session he could walk for half an hour at a time for three days, before the effect of the ozonation would gradually wear off. None of us have the same reactions and results, of course.
A session lasts about 1/2 hour and is followed by a cooling shower. The shower is very important - you do not want to re-absorb the last of your toxins left on your skin when you leave the sauna. These sessions are so-ooooo relaxing.
Come and give it a try.

Regular one session $70: now $49
Regular five sessions (prepaid) $300: now $210
Regular ten sessions (prepaid) $500: now $350

We use white towels - that way you can see our cleanliness and your toxins - a great feeling when you see some of the toxicity left behind in just 30 minutes! You have nothing to loose except for a lot of toxins! A really good session ured picthere below.

Merrie Bakker, 604-261-7742,

Instructions for making your personal Clearing and Protection spray
Create a powerful force-field in any room and around any person you spray.
Eliminate the negative energies that drag down a space.

1. find a quiet place and a time to be uninterrupted and sit silently or put on some soft soothing music - maybe even some 432Hz Mozart - and light a candle
2. clear and energize your chakras as we did in the Level One Reiki class (and if you weren't there then do a centering exercise you may have learned in yoga or elsewhere that gives you a very deep calm feeling) and begin running gentle energy
3. fill a spray bottle with your best water
4. focus on the water in the spray bottle for a few more seconds and be sure to be centered and unencumbered, without the day's issues. Ask your guides, your very specific guide, or your higher self (even the guide you met in the Shakti Gawain guided imagery meditation in Level One Reiki) to sincerely send potent energy to heal and clear to the water - to make the water in the bottle be all powerful, of a high vibration and meet your energetic clearing needs.
Hold your Reiki hands around the bottle till you're sure you're done and hold the vibration of deep unconditional love (and for some people they know they're done when they become bored or their mind starts to wander)...
6. NEVER identify with what you may be clearing or feelings that come up while doing the clearing work - however you certainly can identify it/them, acknowledge them and let them go or send the 'whatever' to the flame of the candle to be transmuted...
7. add a few drops of organic essential oil - that has a nice scent such as Bergamot (that you have also blessed and powered up).
8. thank your angels, guides, higher self, God, a deceased loved one who has been inclined in the past to help out, or whomever assisted in this.
9. You're good to go! Spray your room with this high vibration liquid intention. Spray more rooms, spray away. KNOW that the higher the vibration, the stronger and safer a space is - the highest vibration always wins.... A low vibration brings on and attracts trouble and imbalance.

No one can heal in an environment that is energetically "off" or imbalanced or "dirty". When we receive any form of vibrational healing or if we practice self-healing, we want that to hold long and well and be as effective as possible.

(So spaces where there have been arguments, trauma, anxiety, sickness, entities, portals to nasty dimensions, etc need clearing and healing just like we do). All hospital rooms qualify for this sort of help. Some practitioner rooms, doctors' offices, school rooms, etc can even fall under that category... you'd be surprised at what the cat dragged in... drama, trauma, attachments, cords...

The more demanding the clearing task, the more energetically experienced you'll wish to be at empowering the water and setting your intentions (so start small and easy) and add more attention and focus as you go and you'll want eventually be able to clear negative, stale energy patterns, degrading, held-over thought forms, past owner dilemmas, visitor ghosts, children's temper tantrums, etc.

Charged water is excellent for making coffee or tea or watering the plants. Charging children's drinks is wise. There are no end to the possibilities - food, lotions, etc.
Wanja Twan, Reiki Master, once described bread being baked by Barbara Brown (both students of Mrs, Takata's). Mrs. Brown would Reiki the flour, eggs and yeast and other ingredients; then she'd Reiki the dough as it rose; then she'd Reiki the bread as it baked in the oven... and I probably left something out... but what a great example!

Spraying one's self after a hissie-fit is great... and if children pick up on this, even better... they can ask to have their own colourful bottles with cute stickers) and they can ask an adult to help them - with intention and 'allowing' things to dissipate (incl monsters in the closet).

If you can do distance healing, you can even visualize clearing and charging the humidity of a room far away. If it involves others, then please ask permission (as in Level Two Reiki exercises).

Merrie Bakker

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Your work, thoroughness, follow-up, and willingness to be available define you as the generous caring woman that you are. As I opened my reports and started to print them, I marveled at their intelligence. I know I will refer to them frequently to see if I've been on track with their analysis and recommendations.

Linda D.

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