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*  Heart Health and questions we should be asking and supplements we should be taking
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Heart Health and questions we all should be asking and supplements we could be taking to support ourselves.
The next newsletter will look at the underlying emotional issues - all different - between heart attacks, strokes and clogged arteries. It's a cop-out on the part of heavily tax-dollar funded agencies to suggest that it's stress - that's an umbrella term for just about everything... and if that were so... then we'd all be having attacks, strokes and occlusions...
Heart attacks occur as frequently to people with clogged arteries as to those folks with squeaky clean and clear ones! Strokes occur to very healthy people, too! And of course, there's more to managing heart health than following the diet rules from the Heart and Stoke Foundation - margarine anyone? (Or is margarine from a lucrative donor okay for our health?)
Some sane physical level-headed insights on heart / artery health - fundamental thoughts to ponder are coming in the next newsletter and here are a few of them:

  • Even though we are often reading that heart attacks are due to lack of blood and/or lack of oxygen circulating either thru the heart or to the brain, autopsies don’t correlate those factors at all with the finding of occlusions or "clogged" arteries - therefore it may be scientific fiction.
  • “Research suggests” is a phrase that is just that - a mere suggestion - research suggests that high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart attacks yet many people with high blood pressure - whether on blood pressure meds or not - are heart attack free while folks with low blood pressure can just as easily experience an attack! Why is this? What are real risk factors as opposed to theoretical suggestions? What emotions govern arteries, hearts and stroke?

And what proactive eating, diet and supplementation pinpoints heart health?
Homocysteine Reduction!
Homocysteine, when in abundance in our blood is an amino acid that inflicts damage to the inner arterial (endothelium) lining. Atheroscerotic occlusions and vascular disorders always occur when homocysteine is elevated - not just sort of and in some studies or suggestions and not in others, but consistently.
It’s not effective enough to take some B vitamins sometimes to reduce blood levels of homocysteine if one already has atherosclerosis or to think that a vegan diet high in B vitamins will do the trick!
At present, mainstrream medical testing labs consider a homocysteine number between 11-15 µmol/L as the upper limit of “normal” despite robust clinical proof to the contrary. Experts on this topic in the alternative medical sphere consider half those levels as the optimal target range - the same levels as a healthy child has - no need for the levels to rise with age..
Doses and details of homocysteine-lowering nutrients need to be suggested by doctors and that is just not happening (here in BC). I have three clients with stents, two who have had heart attacks and only one had his homosyteine levels checked and only because the patient requested it!
The Basics:
Homocysteine (all of its forms) is biosynthesized from methionine, an essential amino acid found abundantly in meats, seafood, dairy products, and eggs. Virtually all vegetables, with few exceptions (sesame seeds and Brazil nuts), are very low in methionine (even legumes such as beans, peas, and lentils have very little methionine). This metabolism wizardry has several pathways and requires a diet very robust with folate, B12 and B6 coenzymes as well for it all to come together.
Un-needed or extra homocysteine is recycled and becomes cysteine, which is then used by our bodies to make the also very much needed glutathione, a powerful antioxidant (protecting cellular components against oxidative damage) assuming it can gather up some selenium (Brazil nuts).

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and magnesium are also involved in the interplay of this magnificent teamwork - homocysteine metabolism.
Malabsorption of B12 - extremely common (one round of anti-biotics knocks the intestinal tract off its socks and stops proper B12 absorption as well as many meds); vegetarianism or what we call veganism these days, reduces kidney function; many kinds of meds such as the kind that is prescribed to block stomach acids virtually blocks any magnesium absorption; meds for diabetes such as metformin reduces B12 and folic acid absorption, too.
Please see the article on B12, too, for some of the details at http://www.pacificholistic.com/B12
More in the next newsletter next week...


Clutter Clearing
Just created an article on a classic topic that just might be helpful - Clearing your Home - The Focused Work - lining up your ducks: http://www.pacificholistic.com/ClutterClearing


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